• 5.1-inch
  • Smart
  • Battery life
  • Cooling
  • Reception
  • Camera
  • Music
  • Flyme OS


A superior big-screen phone powered by Flyme OS 3.0

Bigger screen, narrower bezel

With 2,048 brightness levels, light adjustment is as smooth as silk. Sharp New Mode 2 technology delivers true images and vivid colors. Touch on Lens (TOL) brings out the reality and beauty of whatever you see, with the extraordinary 5.3-inch screen giving a wider than ever view coupled with a 2.90mm bezel to maximize screen size.

  • . mm Super-narrow bezel
  • % Bigger screen
  • Brightness levels
  • Slimmer(%)

Slimmer and ergonomic

MX3 combines a big screen, strong battery, and palm-fit R-angle curves into a slim body. We adopt solid, light materials such as magnesium alloy to trim away each 0.1g of necessary weight, and spent 10 months making 31 mock-ups to improve each 0.01mm of curve. This is why the MX3 offers a wider view but fits snugly into your palm.

Faster 8-core

Powered by an 8-core processor, MX3 perfectly fuses high performance and low power consumption.
Benefiting from the cutting-edge Cortex-A15 architecture and 28nm LP HKMG technique,
MX3 gives a computing power that's 1.8 times as high as its predecessor.

2GB DDR3 memory

MX3's staggering processing capacity is perfectly matched by its dual-channel DDR3 memory bank.
Finally, we've opted for 2GB of low-power DDR3 memory, which provides the mobile industry's
highest data throughput of 12.8 GB/s.

3-core graphics processor

The 3-core PowerVR SGX544 MP3 graphics processor is capable of filling 7.9 billion pixels per second. It means a 1080P screen can be filled up 1,270 times in one second. The supercharged processor is 267% more powerful than its predecessor, offering a rendering capacity of 280 million triangles per second.

Energy-efficient and durable

MX3's smart 8-core reduces power consumption by up to 20%.
The powerful A15 chip guarantees a rapid response, while the energy-efficient A7
chip sustains battery life.

  • 2400mAh Sony cell

    37% higher battery capacity

  • Low-power consumption screen

    Panel Self Refresh (PSR) technology built for big screens

  • Next-generation dual-frequency Wi-Fi

    100% faster and 50% more energy-efficient

  • Smart wake-up

    12% more energy-efficient mechanism for managing apps

*All data is based on laboratory tests. The actual battery life may vary based on features and network conditions.

Separate dual-channel cooling design

An outstanding cooling design is vital for superior performance.
MX3 optimally combines a magnesium alloy backplane, a stainless steel frame and
highly heat-conductive materials to perfectly balance performance and cooling.

Magnesium alloy backplane

With a density that's two-thirds of aluminum's and one-quarter of steel's, magnesium is the lightest metal that can deliver optimal heat conductivity.

Stainless steel frame

36 hours, 28 tool sets, 110 working procedures – that's all it takes to fix the frame to the backplane using 28 rivets.

Double-sided heat-conductive PCB

The PCB transfers heat in two directions. Thermally conductive silicone for CPUs, graphite sheet and copper-nickel-zinc alloy shield combine to maximize cooling efficiency.

Stunning antenna

We've innovatively reengineered the lower part of the metal frame into
an external antenna, raising signal strength by 58%.

Strong signal with low radiation

Compared to conventional antennas, MX3 enhances signal strength by 58% and reduces the impact of holding on the signal strength by 51%. The phone's radiation intensity is as low as 0.20 mW/g, one-tenth of the European standard.

2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi

The outstanding Wi-Fi reception of predecessor continues with 5GHz Wi-Fi signals support.

GPS antenna

Its unique GPS antenna strengthens navigation signals by 25%, making positioning faster and more accurate.

  • % Signal strength enhanced
  • % Holding impact reduced
  • . mW/g Slight radiation

Unparalleled camera

The quality of a camera is measured not only by the number of pixels but also by coordination of
software, hardware and optical technologies.
MX3 comes with Sony's state-of-the-art 8-megapixel backside illumination (BSI) chip to deliver
enhanced resolution, faster speed, and better image quality.
A new team was established to work closely with professional photographers to calibrate the
camera and make it unmatched in terms of performance.

  • None
  • Bright
  • Toy
  • Light
  • Old photo
  • Morning
  • Light color
  • Film
  • Noon
  • Grass
  • Negative
  • Black & white

Sony 8-megapixel BSI chip

Its 1.4μm photosensitive granules are 56% larger than the average. The F2.0 aperture admits 21% more light. The 2nd-generation blue glass filter comes with 29 film coating layers and replicates real scenes. A 4th-generation white balance algorithm adapts to different shades of light.

Sample photos

Zero-delay shooting

We've developed "zero-delay shooting" technology, which selects the best photo you've taken in a timeframe of one-eighth of a second, without shutter-shaking when you push the shoot button.

Up to 20 FPS

Powered by a 4-channel image signal processor (ISP) from Fujitsu, MX3 transfers images twice faster than a conventional 2-channel ISP and can take 20 continuous shots per second.

Back to the core of music

MX3 delivers crystal clear sound. Combined with 1,400 kbps of CD-quality music, it's
simply a feast for the ears!

Wolfson WM5102 audio chip

With an signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 113dB, the MX3 increases sound fidelity by seven times and earpiece-driving power three times, and reduces the total harmonic distortion (THD) to just 0.002%.

A new speaker system

The Smart PA audio system can increase speaker sound volume threefold instantly, and deliver a stronger bass and impressive acoustics without damaging the speaker.

Dirac HD audio technology

Dirac HD customizes an acoustic solution geared to the physical characteristics of MEIZU earpieces. The solution increases the clarity and accuracy of sounds, strengthens bass, and widens the diapason, offering you an unrivalled musical experience.

Flyme OS 3.0: big screen, big fun

Flyme OS 3.0 is the most advanced platform in the history of MEIZU.
It significantly enhances user experience with big-screen phones, and even
reshapes the way you think about MEIZU products.

Flyme OS 3.0 infuses a tiled layout and a new set of colors into a flat design. It combines a distinct visual style with natural transition animation conveyed on clearer and simpler interfaces.

The new Smart Bar repositions buttons based on your taps, optimizing convenience on a big screen. Drag&Halt and Side Menu features enable you to use the phone's functions easily without worrying about screen length and width. Your touch can reach as far as your eye can see on the screen.

Learn more about Flyme OS 3.0